Attend the Hobbit's Harvest Tea Party

Cake. Friends. Autumn Sunshine.

Details for Event
Saturday September 28 4:00-6:30 PM

Event in Downtown Provo
Eve & Fae 345 West 100 South Provo UT 84601
Ticket: $35

What will happen there?

A lovely sit-down teatime

Live Music and Circle Dancing

Storytelling by TBA

Fresh Flower Crown Making

World too difficult? Time to be a Hobbit. 

There really is nothing quite like autumn. Take the time to slow down and celebrate the turn of the seasons with friends!

Early to the picnic special pricing: Bring 3 come for free $120. Choose under "Bundles". This deal can only be used twice. Is your friend group one of them?

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Definitely Time to Be A Hobbit.

Enjoy all the fun, sweetness, and carefree play of a hobbit on holiday. Only fifty spots are available at this harvest time event. Are you among them?

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