Apply to be part of our Eve & Fae vendor family

At Eve & Fae we are all about nurturing relationships, and we believe a big part of that aim is starting out on the same page. If you're a maker or artist you're in the right place. Let's see which application fits your venture best!

Which Vendor Application is right for You?

  • Consignment

    For Makers and Small-Scale Suppliers

    If you're a maker, but not into the whole business hustle we get it! You can focus on being a maker while we market and sell your products for you. You pick how much you
    send us and we agree on terms where we can both benefit.

    We offer both branded options where your info is proudly displayed, or if you're not there yet with your own brand we can market under our brand, no worries!


    We offer generous consignment terms of 65%+ of the pre-sales tax price back to you when the item sells. Payouts occur when your earnings accrue over the pre-agreed amount.


    If you are a maker with ambitions to expand into wholesale check out our Consignment to Wholesale Development Track to see if it's a good fit for you. We can help you on  your way to be a wholesaler supplier to scale your operations.


  • Wholesale

    For Established Brands with a Website or Catalog

    If you're an established brand with wholesale accounts set up and ready to go let us know who you are and let's get to know each other.


    Apply now to be a wholesale vendor with us! We love working with small and/or local businesses to grow each other and reach our ideal customers.


    If you've taken a look around our website and decided we are your kind of people fill out our wholesale vendor application here and we will let you know if we think you're a
    good fit too.

  • Consignment to Wholesale DevelopmentTrack

    For Aspiring Brands


    So you want to be a wholesaler to boutiques and other small businesses, but you're not quite there yet. Maybe you're testing different products to see what direction you want to go in. Maybe you're just not quite sure what your next step should be.

    We can help!


    If you sign up as a consignment vendor with us and indicate that you're interested in eventually becoming a wholesaler we can track your analytics/product performance in our store and refer you into a program that can help you develop your brand and
    business to become a wholesaler! Not only that, but if your sales are doing well in our store you will be eligible to convert into a wholesaler account with us. We will even be your very first wholesale account.

  • Artist Collaboration

    For Product Development, Design, and Sales of your Art


    Welcome Artist! We love art that depicts themes of nature, magic, spirituality, the divine feminine, the divine masculine, and celestial themes. If you want a worry-free way to sell your art and create unique products that already have a customer base, consider not only a consignment vendor application, but a full product collaboration with us! Create a piece of art that particularly meets a niche need for our product lines and a percentage from the products you create with us is yours. There are lots of ways to make money as an artist, but not all of them are simple. Let a collaboration with us become a passive income stream and we will proudly market your work!