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Welcome to a universe attuned just to you.

The moment you were born, in the very place you were born, the planets formed a unique fingerprint just for you. Your birth char can be a map to show you details about your nature, your seasons, and your growth. Whole classes and books are devoted to this study!

Step One:

Take the Online Quiz Or Download the Time Passages App

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Step Two:

Now that you know your unique planet alignments, send your report along to us and we can put together the perfect gift box for your cosmic nature!

Step Three:

Learn more about what your birth chart means

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Choose an AstroBox with handpicked tools and products just for you and your unique star-print.

  • Your Ascendant Box

    This box includes goods that correspond to your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

    $12.95 +shipping

  • Your Astro Box

    Each item in your Astro box corresponds to one of your planetary alignments to help in your unique star-path.


    $29.95 + shipping

  • Your Star-Child Box

    This premium gift box is loaded with items corresponding to your chart, astrology aids, and self-care products to see you through this learning season on your star-path. Included is a thirty minute call with our astrologer.

    $59.95 + shipping