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The daily grind of in a fast-paced world means it's easy to miss out on the magic of life. Life is confusing and unravelling trauma is difficult.

We Hear You

When your mental and physical load is overwhelming it's the inner child, spirituality, and sense of peace which suffers most. It's really hard, and you're tired of looking for answers that don't seem to be there.

Come, Be Whole

Having a place to explore and meet for magical and healing experiences, pick up a gift for
yourself or someone you know who needs some extra support,
come to a night out with meaning with your friends.

You've tried everything. What if the answers were inside you and you just need help unlocking your inner world?  We believe in practical magic, the magic of the everyday, and the magic that's in you.

vivre est admirari

To live is to wonder

Hi, I'm Rachel

When I was a new mother I was drowning in anxiety and the pressures of life. I noticed that the
products marketed as being helpful for my issues were in fact sometimes making it worse.  I thought that just trying another supplement or trying harder to be positive would fix it, but then another "little" thing would come into my path and knock me down again.  I tried to deepen my personal connections, but I still felt misunderstood and anxious. Because of the intrusions of my anxiety, I felt unable to shake off the circumstances that were making me feel so disconnected and trapped.

Getting treatment, and committing to a self-steered holistic approach, I gradually realized that there was no one right way to help myself recover and heal. Each path I pursued led me to the next step where something or someone was there to help me. Life itself was showing me my next leg of the journey. I needed to shift my perspective and open myself to  a world of wonder and unseen help.  Because of the things I have discovered and experienced firsthand, I have committed my life to standing in those places between the seen and unseen with love.

 At Eve & Fae we serve people on the spiritual fringes who feel want to discover power and magic
so that they can breathe freely and delight in being themselves.

Be Blessed, Blessed Be,
Rachel Joy

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I have ADHD and I'm a model employee, but I get headaches a lot, and when I get done with work I'm pretty exhausted from masking all day and working so hard. When I get stressed I feel like I just need a ton of wind-down time and then it's time to go to work again. I'm worried I'll get sick and be under even more pressure. I want to make some positive changes and get more self-care time, but I can't seem to break out of the coping cycle. I'm just trying to keep my head above water. I really want something to look forward to besides my bed and Netflix because I know that's not very healthy. I want to find ways to feel like a magical being and not just a drone.  

I went out with a friend on the weekend and we checked out this cute shop in Provo. I browsed through herbs and crystals. They even had a snake I could hold. I got a crystal that I can carry at work that has some properties that might help with my fatigue and I got some stuff to set up a little alter on the go. It's so cute and I feel a bit better just carrying it with me.

At first I thought I might need to adjust my medication, and I still might, but I feel like there's a place where I can go  where people will be chill.

I know I can always pop by for a pick-me-up or to see what's new. They know me there and even send me cool messages and event invites. One of my favorite digital
artists is launching some products with them and they're going to email me when they're coming out! I can't wait until their next event.


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If you're ready to step into a more magical version of your life, defining patterns of healing and growth, or simply take a rest from the busy bustle and step into a more sacred
space we can't wait to meet you!


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Whether you're into religion, nature, crafting, folklore, astrology, or all of the above we're into it too!

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We love families and kids. After all it's not just adult's inner children that need magic and nurture--it's everyone! We have a youth happiness specialist who helps us develop activities and delight especially for kids big and small.

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Maybe you've seen something in the store that calls to you, but you're not sure what do do with it. We are happy to share what we know and point you to helpful places to learn.

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Attending our events is not only fun for you but a great experience to share what you're into with your friends. Or just come and make some new friends and connections with us.