We See You

The daily grind of in a fast-paced world means it's easy to miss out on the magic of life. Life is confusing and unravelling trauma is difficult.

We Hear You

When your mental and physical load is overwhelming it's the inner child, spirituality, and sense of peace which suffers most. It's really hard, and you're tired of looking for answers that don't seem to be there.

Come, Be Whole

You've tried everything. What if the answers were inside you and you just need help unlocking your inner world?  We believe in practical magic, the magic of the everyday, and the magic that's in you.

Is Eve & Fae a place for you?

If you're ready to step into a more magical version of your life, defining patterns of healing and growth, or simply take a rest from the busy bustle and step into a more sacred
space we can't wait to meet you!

  • Find your WonderWay

    How do you feel seen, heard, and whole? Have you always been drawn to the forest or ocean? Maybe your magic is a book and a cup of tea. Do you find your solace in moon or star? Find your path to wonder.

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  • Shop the Online Boutique

    Create your sacred space with our hand-picked art and treasures whether it's for a blank wall, an
    altar space, or your windowsill.

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  • What is a Ritual?

    At its most simple, a ritual is something we do often, and in the same kind of way. We might learn it from someone, or we might make it up. Ritual is not the same as habit, but it can be a powerful tool.

    Creating a personal ritual 

More than a store...

If you're thinking…

I identify as a…

Whether you're into religion, nature, crafting, folklore, reading fantasy books, astrology, or all of the above we're into it too!

But I have kids…

We love families and kids. After all it's not just adult's inner children that need magic and nurture--it's everyone! We have a youth happiness specialist who helps us develop activities and delight especially for kids big and small.

How do I…

Maybe you've seen something in the store that calls to you, but you're not sure what do do with it. We are happy to share what we know and point you to helpful places to learn.

My friends don't understand…

Attending our events is not only fun for you but a great experience to share what you're into with your friends. Or just come and make some new friends and connections with us.

Our Trusted Community