The Midsummer Fae Court Ball

The Midsummer Fae Court Ball


 Coming June 22, 2024...

Are you ready to lose yourself in a night of magic and mystery? Eve & Fae cordially invites you to our Midsummer Fae Court Ball, where fantasy becomes reality and dreams take flight. Whether you arrive hand in hand with a date or bring along a cherished friend, prepare to be swept away into a realm of wonder and delight.

An Immersive Fantasy Experience: Step into a world inspired by the enchanting realms of your favorite fantasy romances, where every moment is infused with magic. From the moment you cross the threshold, you'll find yourself surrounded by faeries, elves, and other mystical beings, all gathered to celebrate in style.

A Night of Elegance and Romance: Dress to impress in your finest fantasy formal attire and prepare to be dazzled. Whether you're channeling the regal grace of a High Fae or embracing the whimsy of a reveler, you'll feel like royalty as you mingle with fellow guests and dance the night away.

Unforgettable Memories with Loved Ones: Whether you come with a romantic partner or a dear friend, our Midsummer Fae Court Ball is the perfect setting to create cherished memories. Laugh together at the photobooth, indulge in delectable mocktails and desserts, and lose yourselves in the enchanting atmosphere.

Immersive Entertainment: From live harp music and courtly dance instruction to late-night revelry on the dance floor, our ball offers something for everyone. Let the mesmerizing melodies and captivating rhythms carry you away as you revel in the magic of the night.

Magical Souvenirs: Take home more than just memories from our ball. Capture the magic with professional photobooth snapshots, complete with jeweled crowns and elf ears. These enchanting mementos will serve as delightful reminders of the fantastical evening you shared.

Embrace Inclusivity: At Eve & Fae, we believe that magic is for everyone. Our event welcomes guests of all backgrounds and identities to come together and celebrate in a spirit of inclusivity and acceptance.

Join Us for a Night to Remember: Don't miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable experience. Purchase your tickets today and prepare to be enchanted at Eve & Fae's Midsummer Fae Court Ball. We can't wait to welcome you to our enchanted realm!

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