Utah Valley Red Tent: Second Sundays

Second Sundays of the month the Utah Valley Red Tent meets in Provo either at Eve & Fae or nearby. These gatherings are educational, spiritual, community-based, and nourishing to the soul. We share our talents and affinities to enrich one another. 

Unless otherwise noted, these gatherings are designed for ages 12+. 

Cost of attendance is not-for-profit and goes toward providing activities and supplies for the group gathering. If cost is a hardship please contact us at hello@eveandfae.com to discuss some energy exchange options. We don't want to leave anyone out!

January: Nourish

February: Sap Rising

March: Stirring Roots

April: Oestre and Estrogen

May: Bloom

June: Rose and Labyrinth

July: Summer's Abundance

August: Fruits of the Harvest

September: Harvest Home

October: Spirit Dances

November: Folding Inward

December: Inner Light

Motto: Every woman has a voice of wisdom.
Mission Statement:As a sisterhood we desire to live in rhythm and harmony with ourselves, each other, and the rhythms of nature.
Our Goals:
To be and become wise about our bodies and their cycles.
To create, learn, and understand ceremony and ritual that will aid us in our journeys in womanhood.
To create, reserve, and preserve safe spaces to support our needs and the needs of our sisters.
To prepare the young women around us, by example, to joyfully and purposefully take on the journey of womanhood.
To listen and learn from the wisdom we all posses: every age, every walk of life.
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