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Eve and Fae

Gem and Wood Intention Bracelet

Gem and Wood Intention Bracelet

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When it comes to making decisions, anticipating changes, and balancing energy, Fluorite is a gentle reminder to proceed in clarity.

In word, energy, and attitude Blue Lace Agate is a reminder to release tension, breathe deeply, and move into the world with grace.

Among the mighty gifts of the earth are the once received from the liquid center. Lava beads bring with them whispers of messages of inner strength from the core.

Soothing and balancing to the masculine and feminine energies, Amazonite has long been used as a talisman of truth and hope.

Shifting uncomfortable emotions like anger, fear, and resentment requires great energy. Red Jade is a symbol of circulation and reminds us that things come back around.

Associated with the throat chakra, Sodalite is a wonderful way to invite greater communicative confidence and eloquence. Speak from the heart.
With the rings of a tree its growth in its seasons is evident; the marks and rings in the wood are telling its story. Your story is beautiful too.

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